With over two decades of experience, The Activation Group specializes in the art of understanding consumer psyche. Our expertise in 360° Marketing Communications and Brand Activations solution is beyond comparison.

Headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong and Thailand, The Activation Group is an integration of 6 distinct disciplines under one roof: VMSD (Brand Visibility), Luminart (Brand Activation), Oomph (Brand Ambassadorship), Leftfield (Brand Communications) and DIFY (Brand PR).

True story

At VMSD, we believe a brand story connects the customers to the brand. Working on this philosophy, we meticulously craft an experiential space around it. Be it a small window or point-of-sale display, a large interior, and exhibition booth or an exciting pop-up store, we are focused on one outcome – triggering an emotional connection between customer and brand.

Our clients in the Global Travel Retail, Luxury, Fashion, FMCG, Entertainment and Government sectors refer to us as the retails specialist.


We are in the matchmaking business. We believe that every client is unique and we are very meticulous in choosing a team that is compatible to the brand’s need.

Oomph! Has curated a database of Brand Ambassadors, Sales Promoters, talents, models and mascots. All well-trained to embody a brand’s identity through brand fidelity and customer service. Our expertise also covers Retail Audit, Logistics and Retail Services Training.


You’re not one for the cookie clutter. Neither are we. We are Leftfield. We understand the New Media age has no tolerance for the mainstream; the unexpected and illogical is the social norm. More importantly – by being non-conformist, forward-looking and genre defying – we get the job done. Regardless of budgets big or small, we constantly search for the latest digital or technological tools to engage your audiences.


At Luminart, we place our faith in experiences. Call us sentimental, but we honestly believe that experiences have the power to create meaningful connections between brands and people. Our hat is packed with big ideas to engage the consumer, ranging from in-store campaigns and on-ground activations, to flash mobs and guerrilla theatrics. We work to make the experiences stimulating and innovative, but most importantly, to ensure they leave a positive, lasting impression in the consumer’s minds.


A one stop technical & production consultancy experts, consisting of a young bunch of energetic and dynamic draughtsmen filled with multiple creative and technical solutions. With expertise specializing in 3D design and rendering, Architectural and Technical drafting services, we even provide consultancy in Authority submissions with the appropriate regulatory requirements.


One name, so many possibilities. More than just a creative agency, we are your go-to team to get people talking about you and your company. We take on your project, and give it the right push, from Public Relations, Digital Solutions and Activations needs, so tell us what you want done and we will do it for you, actively trying to dify all limits.